How is marble made?

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How is marble made?

The raw material of marble is limestone. Limestone is formed when calcium carbonate precipitates in water. Marble is formed when limestone undergoes transformation. This usually occurs at the boundary of a converging tectonic plate. But when hot magma heats limestone or dolomite, some marble forms. Heat or pressure causes calcite to recrystallize in the rock and change its texture. Over time, the crystals grow and attach to each other, eventually giving the stone a beautiful, shiny appearance. Other minerals in marble also change during this metamorphosis. For example, clay crystallizes to form mica and other silicates.

Marble mines

Most marble deposits are crushed into smaller stones. Crushed marble is used as an aggregate on highways, railway tracks, foundations and other objects. Processed marble needs to be cut into special pieces and dimensions. These stones will be used in monuments, buildings, sculptures and other art projects. When a very clear sample of white marble is found, it is usually used as a bleaching agent. In the production of paints, whitewashes, putties, plastics, slurries, cosmetics and paper, some marble powder has been used as a bleaching agent.

Water absorption and marble density

  • Water absorption: 0/17
  • Density: 2/65 g/cm3

Marble applications

Among different types of stones, marble is the most used. The main use of marble is in architecture and sculpture. But this stone is also used in various industries due to its chemical properties.

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