Natural green onyx stone


Onyx rock is a mineral of chalcedony. The variety of colors in this stone is due to the differences in the minerals in it. Natural green onyx stone has green, brown, white and pink streaks on the surface. Onyx is a Greek word that literally means claw or nail.
Natural green onyx stone was used by the Greeks and Romans in ancient times. This stone was used to build buildings, shrines and holy places; Today, this stone is used in the lobbies of hotels and luxurious commercial places. This stone is also used in designing and making all kinds of jewelry. It takes millions of years to form a green onyx rock.

What is the reason for naming onyx stone?

Onyx is a Greek word meaning nail or claw. The story of naming this stone is as follows:
While the celestial goddess Aphrodite was asleep, her son Cupid – always drawn in the form of a winged angel with an arrow – takes the father’s nails with one of his winning arrows. Cupid throws the cut nails into the water of the Holy River, then, at the request of the various gods, the nails are mixed together and turned into onyx.

History of Onyx Stone

Onyx was first discovered in present-day France 23 years after Christ. The stone is currently housed in the National Library of France.

Properties of green onyx stone :

• In the mouse table, the hardness of onyx stone is up to seven.
• The density of this stone is between 2.55 to 2.70 grams per cubic centimeter.
• It takes millions of years to create this stone.
• Extremely resistant to impact, wear, light transmission and weather pressure
• This stone has an important place in the industry due to its special color properties.
• Green onyx stone is one of the first choices for making jewelry because of the harmony and beauty that it creates along with other precious stones such as diamonds, gold and silver and other jewelry.
• In most cases, onyx stone is cut into spheres. It is used in pendants.

Advantages and disadvantages of green onyx stone

• Many people believe that natural green onyx stone has magical properties. For this reason, the consumption of this stone is very widespread in the industry.
• This type of onyx stone has interesting properties such as mirror-like polishing.
• This type of onyx stone is mostly used indoors; Because in the open air and the presence of climate change, there is a possibility of it becoming cloudy.
• One of the good properties of natural onyx stone is that it does not absorb heat. That is why this stone is always cold and cool.
• Natural green onyx stone is damaged by acidic substances. Therefore, do not use this stone in spaces such as kitchens. If the stone comes in contact with acidic materials, clean it immediately.

Water absorption and density of natural green onyx rock
The amount of water absorption in this rock is 0.15. The density of this stone is 2.548 grams per cubic centimeter. In general, the density is the amount of empty space between the components inside the rock.

Onyx stone mines :

Most onyx ore mines are in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and India, Madagascar, Argentina. There are onyx stone mines in Iran and Kerman province.
This stone is used for decoration, sculpture and in historical monuments and shrines.

How to maintain natural green onyx stone?

How to maintain natural green onyx stone:
Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean natural onyx stones. Do not use a steam cleaner. This will cause chemical changes in the rock. The best way to clean this stone is to use a damp cloth without the use of chemicals.

Price and purchase of natural green onyx stone

You can make natural green onyx stone according to the type of application you use, for use in bracelets and other ornaments or to use in the decoration of buildings.
To buy these products, you can visit reputable stores in person or online. Or buy products by viewing the products in the gallery of Kalhor Stone website.
The price of this stone varies according to different parameters. Parameters such as purchase amount, dimensions of green onyx stone, stone design, stone diameter and the amount of accurate sorting affect the price of this stone.

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