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Introduction to Onyx Stone

Onyx block is a type of mineral rock that has black and white colored stripes. Onyx block is available in various colors in the Market, But the most popular color of this rock is Black. Onyx block is made of silica deposit in volcanic lava pores.

Physical properties of onyx block include crystalline hexagonal shape with clear Glassy and milky color. This block exits in many parts of the world.

The difference Between onyx and opal:

Onyx has different names in the market and these aren’t scientific names. Some of these names are: Soleimani agate strip, Jaze Yamani and etc.

Onyx block isn’t Black agate. Black agate is dark Brown and black but black is less common. in fact, Onyx and Black agate are made of the chalcedony layer. The calcedony layer is type of microcrystalline Quartz. It’s necessary to know that black agate and onyx are different in the type of band and strip.

Natural Onyx Marble And Black Onyx:

Agate is made of circular strips that are ring shaped and inclined toward the center. While onyx is Made of straight and parallel strips. The strips on the onyx block are white or black but these strips can include a range of colors with shades of purple to blue. Most of these strips start with light colors and are separated in dark parts.

in the agate layer between bands are made of different colors. Also, there is some transparency in agate and agate can be in different colors. But in the onyx block the colors are uniform and matte. Onyx is typically matte Opec.

Difference Between onyx and Marble:

You may have heard of onyx marble in some stone Shapes. In terms of lithologically onyx bock and marble is some calcareous stone. The important point is that one of minerals aragonite and calcite are constituents of this stone. Marble is less hard than onyx used in jewelry making. Onyx stone has a hardness of 7 in jewelry and is similar to agate. But its material is chalcedony.

Onyx marble is composed of calcium hydro carbonate and is solvable in hot water. When this substance loses carbon dioxide, it forms in the form of cones or layer in cavities and pores of rocke.

Onyx marble is white with yellow and green spots.

Onyx stone applications:

Natural Onyx stone is used as a solid stone in various applications. You should know Onyx stone is used in embossing in cameo jewelry. Some highlighting work is done with natural onyx. But most commercial cases are done with black opals. The door of the amber room in Russia is made of onyx and marble mosaics.

Properties of Natural  onyx stone in the treatment of chakras

Natural Onyx stone is related to the internal resistance of people. This stone can be effective in raising the concentration of people. This stone contains the earth element and due to its different colors, it affects the first, third and sixth chakras. Natural Onyx stone can greatly increase people’s energy and increase physical and mental capabilities in people after illness.

This stone can have a significant effect on emotions; So that it is effective in reducing people’s anger.

Properties of Natural onyx stone

  • It Has a glossy surface
  • It is beautiful
  • Ability to transmit light
  • Low ability to absorb water
  • Good compressive strength
  • Suitable abrasion strength
  • High density and low pores

Natural Onyx stone mines in the world

Marble and onyx block are in the group of luxury stones. This stone has received a lot of attention all over the world due to its properties. There are many onyx stone mines in the world. Iran is in a special position in terms of this stone’s mines. Natural  Onyx stone mines Northwestern Iranian cities such as West and East Azerbaijan have high reserves of minerals and minerals, including onyx stone.

The final word

In this article, we provide a comprehensive description of Natural  onyx stone. This stone can show its uses more if it is known to people. Onyx block has been used since ancient times. To buy with confidence, you can visit the Kalhor Stone website in the gallery section and buy online.

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