All about Onyx block

Introduction to Onyx Stone Onyx block is a type of mineral rock that has black and white colored stripes. Onyx block is available in various colors in the Market, But the most popular color of this rock is Black. Onyx block is made of silica deposit in volcanic lava pores. Physical properties of onyx block… Continue reading All about Onyx block

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Marble Introduction Marble is a beautiful and natural material and has been used for many years.  Marble is a kind of metamorphic stone; This rock occurs when limestone is exposed to extreme heat and pressure. Marble has a variety of appearances and colors. This stone is extracted from caves and mine. Marble is very well… Continue reading Marble

How is marble made?

How is marble made? The raw material of marble is limestone. Limestone is formed when calcium carbonate precipitates in water. Marble is formed when limestone undergoes transformation. This usually occurs at the boundary of a converging tectonic plate. But when hot magma heats limestone or dolomite, some marble forms. Heat or pressure causes calcite to… Continue reading How is marble made?

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